Saturday, August 22, 2015

2nd Annual To Define Is To Limit Recap

What a fun showing. Thanks to all of you that rolled through. Was fun meeting and chatting with you. We appreciate your support so much. A special thanks to Todd Bearden (owner of Paradigm) for backing me up for the 2nd year in a row...and letting us invade his shop! He really helps make it happen. Cool thing about this year was some of the guys salvaged a rail from UTF after it was demolished. Todd's idea was to anchor it from the ceiling to display the skate deck art. Looks so rad. Thanks also to Video Destroyer who did music/video art. You rock!
The artwork from each artist is incredible. We've got some amazing talent in this city. So proud. Thanks guys!! The showing runs through September 20th, so get down to Paradigm and check it out up close. There were a few decks already a sold today. Paradigm also stocked with supplies for your skating needs.

Until next year!

  photo DSCF9895_zpsvvund2oh.jpg  photo DSCF9897_zpskvomhykc.jpg  photo 87790014_zps9fgrvbgh.jpg  photo DSCF9898_zpslnhayj36.jpg  photo DSCF9901_zpsikjusgmb.jpg  photo DSCF9903_zps9gckxkjs.jpg  photo DSCF9905_zpshqefkdjl.jpg  photo DSCF9907_zpsyihhvlfr.jpg  photo DSCF9909_zpsath9n292.jpg  photo DSCF9910_zpslhswuqi7.jpg  photo DSCF9911_zpsqmogggyv.jpg  photo DSCF9912_zpsmrn73u6z.jpg  photo DSCF9913_zpsm2juokna.jpg  photo DSCF9914_zpsvbr6virp.jpg  photo DSCF9915_zps0uorvxou.jpg  photo DSCF9916_zpsdpbiajvk.jpg  photo DSCF9917_zpsysmwq43c.jpg  photo DSCF9918_zpsm7ij6k2s.jpg  photo DSCF9919_zpshm1bca86.jpg  photo DSCF9920_zpsdbxjjpjb.jpg  photo DSCF9921_zpsr0e3jx8o.jpg  photo DSCF9922_zpsobxkdfwl.jpg  photo DSCF9924_zpsdeu7nvtd.jpg  photo DSCF9925_zpsvcvnf06u.jpg  photo DSCF9927_zpsmj0kkixd.jpg  photo DSCF9929_zpslyanounf.jpg  photo DSCF9930_zpsrknj1gly.jpg  photo DSCF9931_zpsizclf2av.jpg  photo DSCF9933_zpswrxsllt5.jpg  photo DSCF9934_zps26m4l7ov.jpg  photo DSCF9935_zpsp5hkumky.jpg  photo DSCF9936_zpsueutaktq.jpg  photo DSCF9937_zps45hv9ubr.jpg  photo DSCF9938_zpsx5ukc1wd.jpg  photo DSCF9940_zpsk0iqdayh.jpg  photo DSCF9941_zpsyfj2ht0n.jpg  photo DSCF9942_zpszxjzzude.jpg  photo DSCF9943_zpsy0mvwien.jpg  photo DSCF9944_zpses0wgn2m.jpg  photo 87790017_zpspagc3ayq.jpg  photo DSCF9947 copy3_zpscqw4auds.jpg  photo DSCF9948_zpsqylqxvon.jpg  photo TODEFINEISTOLIMIT-copy_zpsj7gd4ebz.jpg
$1 Raffle to win this No Skateboarding Deck. Proceeds will help out skaters in need of supplies. Winner to be announced September 20th.
 photo NoSkateboardingAmiaArt copy_zpstprsbcc7.jpg

Hey, congrats to Alex Beliaev for winning the No Skateboarding deck from the raffle. Yeah!


This morning I spoke with my Nona from L.A. over the phone. She's my beautiful, ornery, kind, funny, wonderful, tiny, 94 year old Italian Grandma. You know, the ones that make the best pasta, ragu and meatballs, and get mad at you if you don't have a 2nd or 3rd helping...complaining that you're skinny as a rail. But yet you shouldn't get too fat either!? 

She's also an amazing watercolorist and has a love for flowers, landscapes, and gardening. When I usually call her we talk non-stop about art, flowers, the weather of course, food, stories of my Great Grandparent's Immigration from Italy, and the times on the farm in upstate New York during the depression. I actually have a copy of the hand-written recipe from my Great Grandma on how to make cheese. It goes like this, "first you milk the cow...." Seriously. Anyone have a cow I can borrow? 

You see though, my grandma's health has deteriorated, and she decided this morning to stop her dialysis. She will pass away in 3 days. So as I stand outside Paradigm Skate Shop before an exciting art show begins, I weep as I tell her how much I love her, how she was a good mother, wife and Nona. That I will miss her so much, and to not be afraid. That she will see Grandpa again and feel much better. And we'd see each other again too.

I close my eyes and soak up the small voice I hear from the other end saying, "I know you love me. I'll miss you too. Thank you. I love you too".

(LtoR: Nona, Some random neighbor kid, Aunt Jenny RIP)
Watercolor of the farm. Holley, NY '04. 

Saturday, August 15, 2015

How To Sell A Banksy?

How To Sell A Banksy.

An alright, controversial documentary I watched last night.
"Should I steal/rescue a Banksy piece from public property and sell it for thousands?" Good question.

Alper Cagatay, who took the iconic wheat paste "Have A Nice Day" from Shoreline Bridge in Hackney, London, did eventually sell it (with great travail) for $25,000. Banksy/Pest Control Dept. would not authenticate the pice because it's not a work of art.

The irony, though, I found in this is documentary is that Thierry Guetta/Mr. Brainwash (the man who Banksy unintentionally helped rise to fame as a street artist) walks right by Alper unnoticed (39:17), briefly ending up in yet another film about Banksy. Uncanny!

If you like street art like me though, you should watch Exit Through The Gift Shop if you haven't already. It's an excellent film by Banksy himself. Soo good.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Von The Baptist
Expired & Discontinued KODAK BW400CN FILM
Canon Point & Shoot

So I got to do the raddest photoshoot with good friend Vaughn from local band Von The Baptist last month. I've a group of really incredible shots up on my flickr. I feel some of my best film portrait work thus far.

Check more out here in my musicians album!

Friday, August 7, 2015


"As the listener sinks deeper into the music and begins to drown in harmonies and groves while connecting with the emotional core of the piece, then for at least a moment, the listener and the creator are one." -Scott Ryan

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