Friday, April 26, 2013

Slightly Stoopid & Atmosphere Kickin' Up Dust Summer 2013 Tour Poster Designs

So this rookie submitted four poster designs
for Slightly Stoopid & Atmosphere's Kickin'
Up Dust Summer 2013 Tour. Am not sure
if I'll win, but it was fun and challenging.
You can check out the other submissions here!
Kickin' Up Dust

 photo KUDBoomBoxAmiaArtcopy_zps26d51fc4.jpg

 photo KICKINUPDUST4AMIAART_zps8753edff.jpg

 photo KUDHorseAmiaArt_zps57a9817e.jpg

 photo KUDMotorcycleAmiaArt_zpsedc6ba3d.jpg

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Loie Fuller/Serpentine Dance 1896

Loie Fuller. American born 1863 (Chicago,IL) made famous in Paris for her pioneering of modern dance and theatrical lighting. Filmed by the Lumiere Brothers in 1896 Paris, France, each frame was hand painted to achieve the various hues (which reminds me of modern day artist, Rey Parla's work on film). The cinematograph was also new at this time. The artists of that era amaze me. They literally created something out of nothing. It was revolutionary in the art world. No human had invented or eye seen. This is so fascinating. am in awe.