Thursday, June 20, 2013

Proto-j Ken Smith Design

Had another photo shoot yesterday. This time with this sleek lookin' Proto-j Ken Smith Design Bass. Body-Ash, Fredboard- Maple, Pickups-Bartolini. The Bass is definitely my favorite "pocket" instrument.

 photo KSD1_zps03c0a260.jpg  photo KSD2_zps5d1bedc0.jpg  photo KSD5_zps1974662b.jpg  photo KSD3_zps45c7efd2.jpg  photo KSD4_zpse0b16a1b.jpg  photo KSD6_zpsd4e6d54a.jpg  photo KSD7_zps1f32562e.jpg

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

3D Latte Artist Kazuki Yamamoto Makes Me Something Special!

So last month I sent my best friend (living in Japan) an amazing photo from artist Kazuki Yamamoto who does some incredible 3D latte art. Come to find out, she works in Osaka where the artist himself works! After her speaking with him on the phone and telling him how she came about finding his unique work, Mr. Yamamoto told my friend that he wanted to take a special "coffee order" for me! I wasn't able to make a request in time, but my bestie knows me well. Wish I were there to have enjoyed it with her!! Big thanks to Kazuki!
   photo KY1_zpsf9d52ffb.jpg  photo KY2_zps13f0b2fe.jpg
Kazuki Yamamoto
 photo KY3_zps88b52d8e.jpg
Hakusan Porcelain
 photo KY4_zpsa3b01ff3.jpg
A Sunflower for me!
 photo KY5_zpsd93c7c2e.jpg  photo KY6_zps40d753be.jpg
Moomin and Sunflower. :)

I found this on someone's Facebook page who has posted various photos of Kazuki's work. You can view some of his 3D latte art:


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Black Letter Typography Show Overview and Photos

 photo BL33_zpsf15279cb.jpg

Black Letter Typography Show Overview and photos here: 


Note: For finding all past exhibit overviews, you may need to scroll down a bit once you go to the link.